Clairvoyance, is it supernatural?

We all have a sensitivity to sense and experience life holistically when we are born. To see and feel things about this and the invisible world. The ability to be fully in tune with ourselves, connected to everything that is. Personally, I feel that this is precisely our natural state. 

Supernatural to me - or unnatural - was that I closed the curtain on the invisible world and probed to adapt to the norms of society. The connection to the other side was strong, but I chose close my sensitivity because I thought it was necessary to do so. Aloin ignore intuitionmy messages. Aloin feel ashamed of your own sensitivitymy. Replace itivat uskomusjärjestelmät, ”hyväksytyt” toimintamallit, suojukset, normit, ajatuskaavat muiden to me expectations, which I swallowed as truth. Now I see that I built the real memy tilalle ”rooliminän”. Iän myötä omaksuin more roles, learnof to close myself even better from possible disappointments and bumps. Be careful that mbeg it doesn't hurt. At the same time opin to close the heartmy, emotional systemmy, which is a vital partmme, our compass and direction indicator. At some point anxiety began to increase and instead of exhaustion I became ill with strength, Eof really was no longer alive, but en had not diedto the brim. Koetin work hard like mbeg oli neuvottu ja miten elämää ”kuuluisi” elää. Yritin and tryin and I was anxious just more. Eventually, I was so overloadedutthat nothing no longer felt by no means, the emotional systemit was stepnut. When the difference came from a 14-year relationship, I couldn’t even cry. The tears just didn’t come, I was completely numb.

Opimme ja omaksumme monia asioita itsemme ulkopuolelta. Asioita, jotka eivät edes ole meille hyväksi. Asioita jotka eivät edes ole totta. Asioita jotka eivät tue millään lailla kokonaisvaltaista hyvinvointiamme. Asioita, jotka ovat muiden unelmia, ei meidän. Otamme muiden puheet ja neuvot totuuksina: ”nowhere in the name of drift net good jobs, it's so hard to get a job these days. "
I don't think you're serious change abroad that you will never succeed in the big world - what if you lose everything ??" We don’t realize that others might as well want to be detached, but don’t dare and thus try to keep others in smallness and fear as well. They reflect their own uncertainties on us and we absorb that energy into ourselves. We begin to doubt our own dreams. 

At some point, however, comes the moment. The moment when it is time to unpack that carefully created creation. Destroy everything that prevents us from living a full, happy life - our own lives! It will be time to rediscover ourselves. Understand that, in fact, all emotions are equally valuable and that it is important to have every wonderful, sometimes horrible, human feeling come to light. That, in fact, we should not swallow our feelings but express them. That we should not live by any standards but create a life that brings us joy and inspiration! That, in fact, what others say doesn't matter.

Suddenly we find that we must forget all that we have learned. To create a new, old Self. The one I have always been, but whom I lost so that I could experience the joy of discovery! Suddenly we wake up to the time to start living for ourselves.

For me, seeing is accepting one’s self and sensitivity, understanding that sensitivity is power. Especially in today's society, we women are collectively accustomed to succeeding in the world of men when we take our masculine energy. kdisplay. Sure, we also need masculine energy, but if we try too hard to be men in the world of men, we start to feel bad. If even our women were to be men, why would there even be two different sexes? When I was in the advertising industry, it was very common to succeed when using masculine energy. I made it, and I didn’t even notice I was too much in the masculine energy. I only woke up to it later when I started peeling layers of myself. But what has driven us to this point? Why don’t we women dare to be in our own, pure feminine power? Why are we trying to be something we are not? No wonder we feel bad, no wonder men feel bad, and it’s certainly no wonder that relationships don’t last. So it is time to activate our own sensitivity as a resource - to unlock our ability to see and feel. For our own sake, for our own well-being.

Inspired by personal experiences, I begin Seer Evenings, where we open our sensitivity and our connection to the spirit world & we release our fears to our own abilities as well to be your own authentic self.

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