Shaman of the heart

Ihmiskielessämme sanoilla on suuri voima. Koemme sanat myös hyvin eri tavoin. Niiden merkitys värittyy omien kokemustemme, historiamme sekä myös uskomusjärjestelmämme kautta. Sanoissa voi monesti olla voimakas lataus. Jollekin vaikkapa sana ”energia” merkitsee huuhaata, toiselle se on maailman luonnollisin termi kuvastamaan kaikkea olevaa ennen asioiden varsinaista materialisoitumista.

Personally, I am alienating all sorts of titles and terms, for I feel that they often compartmentalize and may narrow our scope. At the same time, however, I understand that in the world we live in, Titles tell something about a person, and others get an indication of what plot he may be working on.

Shamaani on sanana sellainen, joka herkästi voi herättää erilaisia reaktioita ihmisissä. Se on myös ihan ymmärrettävää – shamanismin nimissä on varmasti tehty yhtä sun toista historian saatossa, kuten henkisyydenkin. Ymmärrän hyvin skeptisyyden ja uskomushoito-termin, sillä joukkoon mahtuu kaikenlaista tekijää ja näin henkisyysboomin aikakautena on helppo rahastaa ”ultraspiritualismilla.” Siksi onkin tärkeää käyttää omaa arvostelukykyä ja luottaa omaan intuitioon. Koen, että skeptisyys on viisautta – on hyvä oikeasti tunnistella huolellisesti mikä tuntuu itselle hyvältä ja mikä ei.

For me, being a shaman of the heart means a strong connection to everything that is - the visible as well as the invisible world. The power of sensitivity to be who I really am. I do not rely on any traditions or doctrines, but through curious exploration travel I create my own path. I do not follow any particular traditions or methods. I always listen to the individual, his situation, and my only goal is to act as a companion on the journey of humanity - to be present, to listen and to face. Trust that what is supposed to happen for the highest good of the individual is happening in the encounter. That’s how I know I’m genuinely employed without trying anything or striving for any outcome. I give space to everything. My horses Athena and Frida are also important guides here.

I have always had my gifts of intuitive sensitivity and caring through presence, but I closed them for many years because I was ashamed of my difference. However, I realized that I had received my gift to use it to serve the world. Now I feel the joy and gratitude that I can do this soul work with all my heart on this planet. Sure, I'm still on my way, and I still recognize the shame from time to time - is it ok and safe to be who I really am? I just try to be more lenient with these different feelings than before, giving space to all the feelings present and listening to what they want to communicate to me.

I feel that we are all in one way or another particularly sensitive at birth. It’s just a matter of how we harness this ability in our lives, or whether we harness it. Fear is one of the biggest reasons we press down on our sensitivity. We quickly learn to domesticate, which contributes to the nausea of humanity.

For me, acting as the Shaman of the Heart is respect for Life, animals and nature, and seeing well-being and humanity as a whole. Understanding the different parts of man, and aligning all of those parts. The most important thing is to remember who we really are, to take root more strongly in our true selves so that we can live a life that is as fulfilling and self-sufficient as possible. And in this important policy work, I am happy to act as a companion.

Throughout the ages, shamans and others with a strong connection to themselves and nature (including indigenous peoples) have viewed human health as a whole. For example, shamans see mental illnesses completely differently than we do here in the West - the approach is also very different. Therapy seeks to balance an individual by connecting the person with their forgotten parts and repressed emotions. To remind an individual why he is here, in this very human experience. Helping the soul return home by strengthening the connection between the soul and the body. Restore the individual to its roots. Helping him to see the extent of his own being, in the soul.

At the moment, I am especially fascinated by working with a woman’s aggression. I want to help women harness aggression for constructive use, for life force. This theme is also often reflected in stable environments, as stables have long been the only places where female violence has been accepted. It has become the norm without necessarily even being aware of it. It has been ok to act harshly on horses, and in stables, interpersonal games, including various power games, have been a familiar practice. Through my customer, training and advocacy work at the Maria Academy, I learned that by supporting people, we also best help animals. Instead of condemning, the best medicine is to spread information, have a compassionate attitude and deepen your self-knowledge work. Often behind the violent behavior is a little girl who has been wounded in one way or another and has not become seen and heard as her own true self. His story is valuable so that the individual can be empowered and not remain a prisoner of his past, for example by sacrificing.

In my own private sessions, old traumas, memories, beliefs, patterns of action, thought patterns, and mind structures that often hold us firmly in their grips are dismantled. All of this static energy is in our physical body - often up to the cellular level - and depending on the individual, has a strong impact on our well-being. The memories of our past lives, the traumas of generations - everything we have experienced - are also in our cells. That is why it is important to get all this slag released so that we can hatch into the wonderful person we are and what we were born to be. Undress everything extra, get rid of the armor that weighs our being. Our bodies do remember, but our conscious mind may not and this alone can cause a lot of anxiety.

So what actually happens in the sessions? It always depends purely on the client’s situation, and the session can come on-site, or we can do it remotely. However, it is always about energy and encounter, whatever our physical distance. Here we may encounter horses, for example, if it feels good at that moment. And by encounter, I mean that we don’t necessarily even go to the side of the horse yard, but focus on listening to what’s going on inside us, on this side of the fences. We learn to communicate without physical contact, which is often an infinitely beautiful and caring experience based on feedback. Horses always participate in the session voluntarily. They either come close or they don't. This way, the horse does not become a therapist involuntarily. The energy field that cares for a horse is also very wide, so the very fact that a person comes here has an opening effect in many ways. Many have described that emotions and things started moving the day before, or on their way here. The caring energy of horses is often present in remote sessions as well, and many clients have described how they have felt the caring presence of horses for a long time, several days.

Horses directly mirror what an individual needs at that moment. We take away everything extra from the encounter and give room to be. No need to focus on anything else. I also often use the drum as a support because of its large-scale therapeutic effects. In the session, I may also use energy work in different ways, therapeutic discussion, listening touch, meditation trips, intuitive illustration and writing tools, self-awareness tools, presence exercises, body connection exercises, nature strengthening exercises, and soul and heart strengthening exercises.

And indeed, distances don’t matter, the effects are exactly the same Whether you’re in a session live or remotely. Many have received help with physical ailments, e.g. bad back pain is gone, nerve pain is gone, migraines have receded, a whole new direction has been found in life, stress has decreased and peace has fallen to itself in an unprecedented way, the connection with one's own horse or other pet has changed radically for the better, the blocks of creativity are difficult has been liberated, the connection to oneself has been strengthened, depression has disappeared, family relationships have improved, fears that hinder one's own path have eased, social anxiety has decreased - the list could go on indefinitely. Although I have received great feedback on my work, I have not been able to appreciate it until now. Before I couldn’t give enough praise for my gifts, I thought that now everyone knows, this isn’t so weird now. Only recently have I realized how much I have despised myself and my own abilities, kept myself small. There has also been a lot of fear of being who I really am.

Sydämen shamaanin työ merkitsee minulle erityisesti toimimista kanssakulkijana kokonaisvaltaisen ihmisyyden matkalla erityisesti tänä sydäntietoisena aikana, tulkkina näkyvän ja näkymättömän maailman välillä, sekä yhteyden vahvistajana luonnon ja ihmisen välillä. Minun maailmassani uskomushoitoja ovat sellaiset, jotka etäännyttävät yksilöä entistä kauemmas aidosta itsestään, turruttavat ihmistä tuntemasta tai kokemasta jotakin, eivätkä päästä ihmistä voimaantumaan. Lääkkeilläkin on paikkansa, mutta niiden tulisi olla vain yksi osa, ja niitä tulisi aina määrätä viisaasti, harkiten. Missään nimessä ihmisen terveydenhoidon ei pitäisi nojata lääkkeisiin tai vain yhteen ainoaan ”totuuteen”. Tällöin fokuksessa ei ole asiakkaan etu, vaan joku ihan muu. Siksi sillanrakennustyötä tarvitaan, enemmän kuin koskaan. Aitoa halua tukea yksilön voimaantumista omaksi itsekseen. Jotta tämä pyrkimys voi toteutua, tarvitsemme yhteistyötä länsimaisen lääketieteen ja muiden eettistä, kokonaisvaltaista ihmiskäsitystä tukevien hoitomuotojen välillä. Jos jämähdämme poteroihimme, mitään uutta ei voi koskaan syntyä tähän maailmaan.

Throughout the ages, thinkers have been considered insane, ridiculed, and humiliated, isolated from communities. Edison was considered stale when he first introduced the idea of electricity. No one tried to swallow the idea of the world round, for now it is a pancake - everyone who questioned the idea was crazy. New ideas are often received through a particular protocol. First, the idea is opposed with nails and teeth. Then it is laughed at, and then it may suddenly be considered brilliantly visionary, and before we know it, it has become the norm. And no one will soon remember that the idea, even originally, had been supposedly somehow strange. This is how we humans work, and that is part of our humanity. This process diagram may just be good to keep in mind for new ideas and perspectives. Soon, that flirtation branded as a bastard may be researched, valid information, the authenticity of which is no longer questioned.

I also think it would be important to remember that our people’s comprehension is limited and our minds can’t even understand everything. In this way, we maintain a healthy, curious respect for the mystery of life, and we also learn to value non-knowledge as wisdom. It makes me humble to think that maybe our people really don’t even have to understand everything. Could that also be seen as a value in this over-rationalized world?