Fears, our most beautiful gift

With Outi, we had the pleasure of giving our experiential On the Go Visible lecture at the Yoga Festivals on Cable.

This was a wonderful experience also because I received beautiful confirmation of how life’s difficult moments and greatest fears really contain the seed of beautiful growth.

I myself have come a long way since I stood vibrating on stage and burst into tears just because I stood in front of people. The task at the time of Eric Edmeades ’Speaking Academy training at the time was to walk on stage and tell his name. I was able to take the first point sweatily, but saying my own name out loud awoke something deep and silent in myself and I couldn’t do it at all. Then I sighed quietly in front of people and I could have died of shame.

And just without this experience, I couldn’t stand on stage as my own now. The real power of our people lies in showing vulnerability. When we dare to stand within ourselves, to be present for all that is moving within us in that moment, we can be in the service of the universe in a way that truly touches and awakens.

Tämän päivän ihanin anti kauniiden palautteiden lisäksi oli se, että havaitsin kaipaavani isojen yleisöjen eteen. Isoille lavoille! Viimeksi puhuimme Outin kanssa Finlandia-salissa 400 hengelle, ja nyt kuulin sydämeni kuiskaavan innostuneesti: “seuraavaksi sitten puhumaan vähintään 500 ihmiselle.” Muistan kun Eric sanoi minulle 5 päivän Speaking Academy -rutistuksen jälkeen, että ”jatka puhumista, sinulla on paljon annettavaa ihmisille, ja sano minun sanoneen – tulet vielä rakastamaan sitä.” Silloin purskahdin nauruun (kyynelkanavat oli jo kuivuneet päivien itkemisestä…) sillä en todellakaan uskonut, että näin voisi ihan OIKEASTI käydä.

Että minä, jonka pahin kauhukuva on ollut puhua julkisesti hingun puhumaan massoille! Minä, joka olen aina aiemmin enemmänkin ahdistunut ihmisistä ja viettänyt mieluummin aikaa eläinten kanssa! Minä, jolle noin nelisen vuotta sitten eräs näkijä sanoi, että “tehtäväsi on antaa itsesi tulla nähdyksi Sinuna. Tulet jakamaan omaa viestiäsi monien tuhansien ihmisten edessä. Tämä on sinun työsi, joka tulee olemaan hyvin merkityksellistä maailmalle.” Tuolloin katsoin tätä ihmistä kuin hän olisi pähkähullu, ja tokaisin röhönauraen että ”just just, Hartwall Arena, täältä tullaan”, johon näkijä tuumi hymyillen, että “tilaus on tehty.” Poistuin sessiosta tuohtuneena, että ”sinne meni rahat kankkulan kaivoon, mutta tulipahan tämäkin koettua.”

Indeed, life has taught me that fears are often our most beautiful gift. A gift with a shimmering diamond lurking in the wrapper. My own gift lies precisely in sharing from my heart without recourse to notes. I am by no means a traditional speaker, nor is it my plot. Of course, with Out, for example, we prepare carefully in advance before each performance, but we never have a so-called ready-made template. This will allow us to truly be in the service of the Universe - to allow our hearts to speak. Move freely in the flow and grab hold of where the other stops.

Personally, I think fear is a call to our authenticity. Invite our hearts to the way. For adventures that bring us relevance. If I had not responded to my own call to authenticity but remained a prisoner and smallness of my crippling fears, I would not have been able to act as a companion for women who fear being present, which is one of my greatest passions right now.

What a joy it is to help women shine on their own! Without personal experiences of me dying on stage, working as a mentor would be nowhere near as profoundly transformative. Now, with all my heart, I can stand behind the quality of my own work, just as I can stand behind the quality of our On the Go Visible concept.

So never question the wisdom of your personal experiences. They are the gateway to the deep knowledge of your heart, by connecting you will change the world through your own gifts.

Allow yourself to be afraid, but do not be held captive by your fears. Don’t try to overcome or overcome your fears, which is an old masculine way of dealing with fears. Take your fears by the hand, and walk with them. Your fears are a bridge to the core of your humanity, a reminder of your own growth momentum. They are reminding you of your life mission.

Fears are on your side, not against you. The more you fear something, and at the same time someone inside you whispers softly “this is what I want to go for,” trust that feeling and move on. Often behind your greatest fear is your greatest gift. That's why you're here, in this time.

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