The effects of the past

The theme of previous lives is one that is easily thrown into a hero. That’s why I personally believe in past lives is my own mentoring job, as well as my personal experiences. Through my own mentees, I have been able to see how significantly a person’s well-being has been affected when certain memories of previous lives have been brought to consciousness. I have also experienced the transformative power of working with past lives as I encounter my own memories that have not come from this life. This is why I work a lot on the theme in my own mentoring work. Of course, everything is always individual, and one can never generalize what everyone needs in their own phase to become stronger. Often, however, unconscious memories of past lives can sabotage our path of life a great deal, and that’s why I find it important to explore their potential impact on an individual’s stage.

What is important when working with past life experiences is that working is always relevant to the present moment. That is, I never work with past lives for the value of entertainment. Namely, sometimes I have been asked “tell me now, have I been a character in history?” At the same time, familiar names from history books may be thrown. This never serves, but in our work we focus purely on whether an old memory right now is affecting, for example, an impediment to an individual’s progress in their own way of the heart. In many cases, certain fears can also be linked to past lives, so we work gently with those fears.

The main purpose of each session is always to strengthen the individual’s own strength, and confidence in the wisdom of their own heart. Therefore, I emphasize that whatever comes up in a session, it is paramount for the person himself to carry all knowledge through his own heart. This is also taught to us in this time - self-confidence. Only we ourselves are the best experts. We can get support on our path, but it is important to always keep the power to ourselves. This is why I also teach in my mentoring sessions how the client himself can work with previous lives in an empowering way.

I have found that the memories and experiences of past lives may be attached to different levels of our humanity, e.g. body level, emotional level, cellular level, subconscious level, or ego level. Sometimes the fasteners may be on more than one level at a time. Fears, for example, are interesting because they often occur on multiple levels simultaneously. And that is why it is important to dismantle them. For example, the fear of losing a child had left my client's subconscious. This unconscious memory sabotages the client’s desire to become a mother, and even after a lengthy attempt, the child was not heard.

The client came for mentoring, and as we set out to work on the subject, a memory was found beneath the surface that he had lost a child in his previous life, and that experience had been so painful that he had subconsciously decided never to have children again. When the client got through this thing, and the emotions trapped in the body were released, the grip of the old memory came loose from the client’s life. It didn’t take very long when the client was pregnant. This is just one example of how memories of past lives can affect our lives here and now, and why I personally find it important to work on a theme.

Itselläni on ollut iso työ omien noitavainoihin liittyvien muistojen purkamisessa. Työ on ollut hidasta, ja se edelleen jatkuu, sillä asioita on kerroksissa paljon, ja muistoja monien elämien ajalta. Nämä muistot ovat sabotoineet isosti oman sydämeni tietä, sillä esilläolemisen pelkoni ovat olleet todella suuria. Kun reilu neljä vuotta sitten aloin kunnolla työstää tätä teemaa, aluksi vain itkin hysteerisesti Eric Edmeadesin Speaking Academy -koulutuksessa, kun astelin lavalle ihmisten eteen, ja häpeä oli järkyttävä. Minulla oli omituinen tunne siitä, että jos avaan suuni, käy huonosti. Muistin yhtäkkiä erilaisia hetkiä aiemmista elämistäni. Hetkiä, jolloin minut on karkoitettu, mestattu, poltettu ja häpäisty eri tavoin, kun olen käyttänyt omia lahjojani, puhunut omaa totuuttani. Olen auttanut, ja siitä kiitoksena minut on tuomittu kuolemaan. Ei siis ole ihme, että minulla on ollut hyvin syvässä ajatus siitä, että ”kannattaa pysyä piilossa”. Toki näihin kokemuksiin usein myös kietoutuu uskomuksia ja kokemuksia tämän elämän ajalta.

However, without my own journey and these experiences, I could not deeply understand what it is to fear being present, or speaking in public. Now I see this as a great gift so I can really help women who are struggling with similar fears. Often behind the greatest fears lies man’s greatest gift - fears are the heart’s call for expansion. And when that gift gets used, it’s something uniquely beautiful! In my own experience, the horrors associated with witch hunts are one of the biggest reasons we fear our own light and potential, our gifts - especially our presence and speaking. It’s also surprisingly often the root reason why we don’t get rich.

It’s not so long since women were burned as witches for herbal collection or intuitive sensitivity. Mothers learned to protect their daughters from persecution by teaching them to disconnect from their intuitive sensitivity. It is no wonder, then, that we have adopted different ways of hiding our instincts for a woman, of dodging our vision and presence as a true self - it is coded on a very deep level for us. There are many different types of shields, and it can be difficult to identify which shields if they have become part of our identity. These protections can be, for example, fear or nullification of intuitive abilities, extreme pepticism, self-reduction, beam avoidance, hardness, kindness, the role of pleasurable, or excessive masculine power - we are afraid of what we will have if we have adapted to the world of “men”.

I feel that we women now, on a collective level, are working on our own feminine power, and things related to being visible, to make the most of our own wonderful potential and the wisdom of our hearts! It’s really time to step out of the shadows, and shine our uniqueness into this world. Essentially related to this is that we allow ourselves to be seen. And we dare to walk the path of our own hearts, even if it is not always easy and comfortable. The good thing about this is that the more courage we dare to walk our own path, the lighter our stride will be. When our energy no longer flows too much out of ourselves, and into what others think of us, for example, our lives become more fluid and we are better aligned with the truth of our hearts.

It is also important to remember that the comparison is not worth it. It is the number one energy cancer. We each have a role to play here on earth. And even if we are inspired by exactly the same things as someone else, it is our responsibility to bring this thing into our world in our own way, through our own heart energy. And it’s our job to shine our own energy so others can identify with, and perhaps be inspired by, our story. This is how we get confirmation from each other - we are not alone, but our common mission is to help our planet, to be in the service of Mother Earth. And we are best served when we listen to where our energy of inspiration ever flows, even if it is accompanied by fears, and especially because of that! In this joint mission, we each have our own plot of land. In this way, we form a puzzle, every single piece of which is relevant to the overall picture.

Stop hiding yourself from the world, it’s time to make the fire of your heart visible!

Are you afraid of being present or speaking in public? Do you feel like you have something to say in a general conversation, for example, but the words get stuck in your throat? Do you sometimes feel like you want to hide from the world? Do you avoid stepping into your own authentic light? 

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