Humanity as a gateway to spirituality

In the past, I was a skilled opponent of humanity. I imagined that a good spiritual person is not really a human being, but a supernatural being who is always harmonious and zen. As he walks, his feet barely even touch the surface of the earth - in fact, he just flies sympathetically, smiling along the lands and mantles.

A smile even melts the Siberian permafrost as this etheric being of light wanders from place to place. I wanted to be like him - always a serene, good spiritual inhuman.

However, I realized that humanity is actually the hardest and most challenging spiritual college. It is much easier to resist and avoid the stuff that humanity brings with it than to dive into it. It’s painful to feel and face emotions that are defined as “wrong,” but in fact it is more painful to run away from them or constantly patch up the abscesses trying to surface.

You can stay in Bliss-Bubble forever and wonderfully outsource the responsibility for your own growth. It's easy to justify different interpersonal games by saying, "but when my control says so."

In fact, I don’t think the upstairs really encourages us to act indirectly, and play games. On the contrary. Perhaps one of our greatest homework as human beings is to give up the various games and practices we use to keep ourselves in false security and prevent our own growth.

When we do not take responsibility for ourselves and our actions, but outsource them outside ourselves, we cannot truly become effective. Sure, you can always ask for support - from the helpers of the invisible world as well as from your fellow human beings, but in the end, the responsibility always lies with yourself.

Humanity is a damn hard tick, and at the same time dizzyingly wonderful! And that’s why we’re right here, experiencing humanity in as many ways as possible, depending on what the route choice of each soul is - what’s come here on earth to learn.

I also feel that in this time we are increasingly challenged to become the creators and creators of our own lives! We no longer wait for guidance, but we boldly first take the steps ourselves that we feel are right in our hearts, and we do get support for that. But as human beings, we are fully responsible for our own lives. Nobody else.

I find it particularly fascinating how a woman’s aggression has been demonized through the ages. The myth of the mother has not helped at all. A picture has been created of an always gentle woman who can handle the day and take care of the whole family - a smile on her face! Naturally, she is always happy, brisk and just the right way to be calm, and just appropriately sensually feminine (not too much, then, not to be a whore!). So he is a complete inhuman!

No wonder women and mothers are lost with their own identities - how it really should be, and whether a bad mother, if she feels feelings of anger, for example. The truth is that every woman gets to feel exactly as she feels! The more freely space is allowed for all one’s emotions, the less emotions spill over, manifesting as violence, for example.

And who is ultimately interested in glossy “perfection”? However, the plot is to see the beauty of the unfinished, otherwise you will never dare to really LIVE! On top of all that, perfection is quite uninteresting. Who would be interested, for example, in a film where everything would always go according to plan and whose protagonist would be in constant balance without a spectrum of human emotions? The fascination of life lies in its multifaceted surprise. How else could we feel the full scale of our human feelings?

While working at Maria Academy's Naisenvä project in customer, education and advocacy work, I encountered countless women who had challenges with their own aggression. And very often the core reason was that client women felt that anger is a feeling that should not be felt. It is wrong and shameful.

The more they had pressed their anger down the harder the pressure increased. And eventually it overflowed with violence. Mentally, physically, or both. Among other things, as constant shouting, teasing a pet or children, throwing goods, raging, mute school, intimidation, power games, or manipulation.

Often, violence is perceived only as physical. Violence, however, is all of the above. Anyone who in any way harms themselves or others, people or animals. If you have lived in an atmosphere of violence as a child, it can also be difficult to identify the violence, as certain practices have been so-called normal use in the growing family. In this way, violence has insidiously normalized and can easily normalize to life today.

The freer all emotions are allowed to flow, the freer we are and the pressure within us cannot grow to reckless proportions. The gap in spirituality, or more in the new age scene, comes across that only certain feelings are ok, and that it’s important to give a certain image of yourself because “it’s all love”.

Such distortion is prone to various mild phenomena sooner or later when normal things and emotions belonging to humanity are demonized. The desire to be part of the ranks reinforces that you may not dare to disagree, but adapt.

Personally, I call for good naughtiness! Healthy aggression is life force, destructive aggression is violence. So what is the difference between the two?

With healthy aggression, we stand on our own side, it is an inner strength. It allows us to create and give birth to something new in this world. It does not allow us to give up. Sisu uses healthy aggression as fuel. Through healthy aggression, we express what we want and what we don’t want. Healthy aggression outlines the guidelines for clarity in our lives, and contributes to open, constructive interaction.

It is a free-flowing pure primordial force! Without healthy aggression we are not really visible, without healthy aggression we are sensitive to play various interpersonal games, we are not straight and honest.

Destructive aggression is always violence that destroys, breaks and insults - on purpose. It creates drama and wants to be right, five more. It manipulates and plays. Exercise power and control. The quality of constructive aggression is straightforward, transparent, and strong in all its sensitivity — it strives to build all the time. However, if one tries to walk beyond its borders, it clearly raises its power, stays firmly on its side, and says “now is enough!”

Often women feel guilty about setting their boundaries. “Was I too steep? Oh well, I should have been gentler. ” Here again, I call for good naughtiness! NEVER pode a bad conscience about standing on your side!

In order to break down harmful beliefs and myths, it is time to begin to allow yourself to be fair in all your emotions. Learn to recognize their emotions, practice emotional regulation and become aware of the needs behind emotions. Likewise, the feeling that is perhaps under anger, for example - quite often anger can also be a so-called feeling of protection. And when you listen to it in more detail, there is shame or fear below.

When emotions are allowed to be used as a flowing force, they are also not allowed to freeze in the body. Emotions are a precious gift we have received as human beings. The better we accept and face difficult feelings, the better the joy, lightness and inspiration will flow in our lives.

Let's not waste this gift of ours. Long live good naughtiness!