A letter from a horse

”Kun kohtaat minut muista, että olen hyvin sensitiivinen olento, vaikka olenkin kookas. Opettelethan kieltäni kuten minä koetan jatkuvasti opetella teidän ihmisten kieltä. Kunnioitathan ja kuuntelethan mitä kerron sinulle, jottei minun tarvitse huutaa. En halua tulla leimatuksi, tuomituksi, syyllistetyksi tai määritellyksi vaaralliseksi vain kielimuurin vuoksi.

Sometimes you people may say I’m awkward or difficult. However, I’ve told you in many ways how I feel - you just haven’t noticed it. You have been in such a hurry. And I sensed you were bad to be. However, you know that breaking your own bad feeling into me is neither the solution nor the right thing to do.

When you dare to take off your mask and show your innermost being to me, I can be your support. I see the goodness of your heart, and how you have built walls to protect your heart so that it will not hurt you again. You know those walls hurt you the most. Showing vulnerability is one of the hardest things in human life, but at the same time the most rewarding.

I encourage you - dare to be yourself and dare to face others from the heart. Also, always dare to be honest. It’s scary, I know, but at the same time liberating. Don't let shame stop you from living.

I see that you sometimes have a hard time. You struggle with awkward feelings for you - you are anxious, bitter, sad, angry, ashamed or jealous. Between everything at once. And you may not know how to deal with these human emotions. You imagine you are completely alone in the world, no one understands you and certainly does not experience similar feelings. You think you are bad and worthless.

You know these are your beliefs, not the facts.

I enjoy walking alongside you and listening to the depths of your heart, as well as helping you face your feelings, constructively. All you have to do is ask. But it’s not fair that I have to be a surrogate victim of your emotional outbursts. It wounds and creates unnecessary distance between us.

For example, I often succumb to too rough brushing, because otherwise you might say I’m in bad shape. However, I have made every effort to tell you that too loose grips don’t feel good to me. I feel sad when I don’t get seen and heard because I love you and I want our connection to deepen.

I felt very strongly about your energy, your emotional state, and what you are trying to mask from me. When your feelings conflict with your actions and words, I get confused. I hope you can always be honest with me.

We horses, like all animals, are a direct mirror to you people and we realize that it is painful for you at times.

However, if you dare to open your hearts, you will learn to read and understand us better all the time. At the same time, you will better understand yourself, and the wisdom of your heart.

I hope you, my man, stand by me and want to learn to understand me. I really want to be with you and study with you.

Always remember that you are never alone. I am here, as a companion on your journey - as a guide to your humanity. ”

- With love, your horse friend