This moment is a gift

”Hiljaisuus. Sisäänpäinkääntyminen. Pysähtyminen. Nämä kaikki asiat kutsuvat sinua laajentumaan. Lepää itsessäsi ja vahvistu. Omista tunteesi ja lataudu.

Create your own retreat from a time of silence. Give space to be. You people run so easily after things. You aspire so much for something that life itself goes by. Life becomes a continuous process of development. This, in turn, can take people further away from themselves.

Dare to be and focus on the moment. Just as it is.

Älä pyri mihinkään. Älä tavoittele menestystä tai ajattele, että olet onnellisempi tai parempi ihminen ”sitten kun”. Luo onnellisuutesi olemalla täydesti läsnä itsellesi, ympäröivälle luonnolle ja ihmeille, jotka ovat aina ympärilläsi, kun vain pysähdyt kuuntelemaan.

Teidän ihmisten tyytymättömyys, merkityksettömyyden tunne ja ahdistus kumpuavat monesti siitä, että olette jatkuvasti pettyneitä itseenne, koska ette ole jo saavuttaneet jotakin. Ohitatte tunteenne, koska haluatte tuntea jotakin tiettyä tunnetta, haluatte tuntea olonne ”hyväksi”.

However, the path to happiness and well-being is to embrace the existing moment and encounter all the emotions in that very moment.

If you keep trying to get away from the moment, you will lose touch with yourself and your anxiety will only increase. Anxiety is a message - listen to it, don’t run away from it.

Travel inward, don’t leak your energy outward.

Inside you lives all the creativity just waiting to get out. Play, enjoy, rest, feel, be, surrender. And surrender is not irresponsibility, but precisely the responsibility for one's own freedom. What you do with your own freedom is your choice. Therein lies the greatest gift of humanity and, at the same time, the greatest responsibility. How do you use your own gift?

Even in this time of isolation, you people can lose yourself in the soma, and that you are constantly misled by the essential - listening to yourself. It’s hard to hear your own needs and heart’s desires clearly if the attention is constantly flowing away from yourself. Or alternatively to what should be accomplished to have something more or to feel happy.

Give yourself your own time as a gift. It is the greatest act of love. In many cases, it is also difficult for you people, as you may have learned to earn love or appreciation through deeds.

Practice listening, loving and appreciating yourself in small steps. What if everything is fine right now - right now? ”

- The wisdom of Athena & Frida to us humans