Thoughts on animal communication

For me, animal communication has been an integral part of myself, since childhood. I think it is, above all, a way of being in touch, opening up and allowing. Owning one’s own sensitivity without the mind intervening to explain or create its own views. It challenges us to a state of being, listening and remaining silent. It’s intuitive in-depth knowledge, and I think it’s a natural part of all of us humans before we learn to close the channels of our sensitivity. Many times this happens when we go to school. We begin to consciously or unconsciously adjust ourselves to the norms, to how it “belongs” to live and be in this world in order to adapt to the ranks. 

We embrace programming and mechanisms from outside ourselves, and many times at some point in our lives, as a result of all of this, we lose touch with who we really are. We may begin to live our lives according to the wishes and expectations of others and lose our own direction. This can lead to depression, and a variety of challenges. When we lose our sense of significance, we lose the desire to live fully. 

Personally, I am ashamed of my own sensitivity. The ability to sense and experience things strongly beyond this reality we know. The sensitive, sentient self was somehow I think wrong, unfit for this world. I would have liked to be different. The more I wanted to be different the worse I could be. I always put the needs of others ahead of mine and got tired. It happened as if without realizing it, I lost touch with the self that had always naturally listened to the wisdom of animals, the talk of the trees, and the whispers of nature. I had learned to perform, survive and cope. I had to go through e.g. divorce, and losing my job before I started finding a route back to myself. Before I dared to let myself feel and feel deeply again. The journey of humanity is a matter of the rest of one's life, with its twists and turns, cascades and backwater stages. 

Luckily, I get to fold this journey with wise animal souls who are constantly teaching me that animal communication is, above all, pure presence, listening, communicating from the heart. Opening up and the ability to descend into a state of non-knowledge so that we don’t start analyzing what we experience too much. Above all, it is opening up to one’s own sensitivity and owning it with pride so we can hear better. Sensitivity is the language that animals speak and understand. Therefore, it is important to practice this language skill as much as possible. And to unlock our own sensitivity, we need keys to deepen our self-awareness. An understanding of our own mechanisms that may prevent us from hearing, communicating from our hearts.

This is the way of a new heart-conscious time to interact - with each other, too. And most of all, with ourselves. In this way, we learn to hear more about what really belongs to us and to adjust the course of our hearts to better strengthen our own well-being.

In January, the remote New Age Horse Growth Group will launch, where you will be able to strengthen your intuitive sensitivity and fully activate the gifts of your uniqueness for your use. Join us for an inspiring adventure!