Women, witches or witches?

Words have a unique meaning for each of us. Some words have a stronger charge than some others and how we treat different words depends on e.g. about our own base of experience, beliefs, upbringing, and history. I find the word witch fascinating, as it has a strong taboo character and quite negative connotations. Why? From the beginning, the word witch has meant a woman who faithfully walks her own way, with a strong connection to her intuition, her own gifts, nature, and everything. Women have once been persecuted for their intuitive sensitivity as well as their own uniqueness. A woman standing in her own heart is perceived as a threat. These echoes of old times are still felt in us, in our bodies, and in our hidden consciousness — all the way to our cells. Subconsciously, we may still demonize our own femininity, our feelings, and our special sensitivity, for it has not been safe in the past. We have learned to be invisible and have taken on roles in order to survive. The experiences of our grandmothers live in us.

As women, we have learned to depress our own sensitivities, and we have not respected our instincts for women, for that means that we cannot be credible or knowledgeable then. We have tried to be something else within us and have distanced ourselves from ourselves, our desires, and our sense of relevance. No wonder we feel bad. And the fact that we are ill is a great thing for me! It says it’s time to change something. We must no longer remain prisoners of the past, but step into our joy! It is no longer up to us to adapt to the unhealthy norms and demands of society, but to create our own path. One that nourishes and nurtures, inspires and empowers - makes us use our talent!

It is high time to harness all the wonderful sensitivity that lives within us as a resource to strengthen our well-being. Without a connection to our sensitivity, it is quite impossible for us to be in real contact with ourselves, other people, and our animal friends or nature. Here, animals and nature have much to give us humans so that we can embrace all those aspects of our human nature that we have previously rejected. It is time to dismantle the old programming, and ignite the fire of our inner creative power. Walk towards our joy!

The disconnection of modernity to ourselves is especially evident to me in how we have lost touch with nature. Instead of seeing nature as a nurturing, life-sustaining force, we deprive nature in different ways. It is time to look in the mirror and take responsibility for our actions. It is a time of a new kind of humanity that respects ourselves and everything. It is time to harness our power as a witch and remain faithful to ourselves. Especially if our choices provoke opposition and reactions in the environment, it often says that one would also like to dare, but for one reason or another is unable and projects his or her own disappointment on us. Never sell your self-esteem just to make someone feel better. Feel free to walk the path of your own heart, even if it is frightening. Picking, slipping or tipping does not hurt, on the contrary. It says you are trying and you are also ready to fail.

It hurts the most if you get lost in another path and abandon yourself.

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