Empty head syndrome

What happens when you get out of control and need to know in advance? What happens when you totally dare to surrender to the moment and dive headlong into the unknown? What to say when there is nothing to say? I got to explore all of this in the third episode of the From Nature podcast.

It was fun to note that even though I felt very strongly before the recording that I had absolutely nothing to say, the episode became about 50 minutes long. When I let the words flow completely freely without any prior knowledge of the subject, there was a surprising amount of it. At the same time, it increased my own understanding of how many times we might be prisoners of some of our own formulas, and as we dare to break that formula, we find something completely new. So it’s good to occasionally listen to what kind of phrases you cultivate and why. Personally, after recording, I found an interesting mechanism related to self-esteem and self-esteem. 

I felt that what I share with people through my podcast is not important enough, valuable enough. I radically questioned my own path as a whole and thought I had nothing to give anyone. So I also didn't have anything to say that was in any way relevant to anyone. In addition to the Empty Head Syndrome in Pod, smallpox and fever. I wonder why I do these episodes at all. I went through a rather existential crisis in a short time.

When I asked myself why I was doing these episodes I found out right away that “well because it’s fun for me!” It was quite expansive. In the past, I’ve had to work a lot to avoid doing things just because “others need it”. Of course, it is wonderful to be able to serve the Universe in a way that can provide comfort, hope, support, and inspiration to those who need it, but it cannot be a guiding factor. If I myself do not enjoy what I do enough, then I cannot really support others either. In that case, I don’t act from the right motive, but I am guided by an old victim mentality: the needs of others and others first, the tip of the tail itself behind (if any). And this way of doing things really doesn’t work, but loads and consumes - I know from my own experience. 

I found that doing Human Nature Evening is pure fun for me! Doing episodes gives me a lot and opens up my creativity. The episodes allow me to explore my own mechanisms and address topics that I find fascinating. I can talk about different things related to humanity and horses without the expectation of how these things will be received or how many episodes will be listened to. I can have a gentle curious adventure in the wonderland of Humanity, increase my understanding of the diverse themes of humanity and at the same time strengthen my own self-awareness. What a gift! Suddenly my frustration turned to gratitude. And just because I was interested in exploring why I felt I had nothing to say. Quite an interesting human experiment! 

What kind of human experiment could you do for yourself today that might bring insight and understanding to your own mechanisms of humanity?

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