Privacy and Registry Statement

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Section 10 of the Personal Data Act (523/99)

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Name of the registry online store customer register

Purpose of the register
The purpose of the register is to maintain the customer register of the online store, to archive and process customer orders, and to manage and market the customer relationship. Visitor analytics data is used to maintain and improve the usability of the site.

Information content of the register
The personal register contains the following information:
- Name
- Address
- Email address
- Phone number
- Ordering information, such as the number and content of orders and payment method information
- Marketing Prohibitions and Permissions-Information on using and browsing the features of the Service
- The page from which the user went to our site, the device model, the unique device and / or cookie ID, the data collection channel (internet browser, mobile browser, application), browser version, session ID, session time and duration, and screen resolution and operating system

Regular sources of information
Personal information is obtained from the data subject himself and is observed in connection with the use of the service.

Regular data transfers and transfers outside the EU or the European Economic Area
Observed data (site tracking analytics) may be processed outside the EU. The data will be processed in accordance with this report. The information provided by the customer will not be transferred outside the EU.

Registry security principles
The customer registry information is stored in the registrar's system, which is protected by the operating system's security software. Access to the system requires a username and password. The system is also protected by firewalls and other technical means. Only certain pre-defined employees of the registrar have access to and are entitled to use the data contained in the register stored in the system. Personal data in hard copy shall be stored in the locked premises of the controller.

On what basis is my personal information processed?
Legitimate interest: A legitimate interest refers to the need to process information in order to implement a service. The collection of visitor analytics is based on user consent.

Right of inspection, exercise of the right of inspection and right of prohibition
The data subject has the right to check what information about him or her has been stored in the register and to demand the correction of incorrect information in the register. A written request for verification must be sent to the person responsible for registry matters. The data subject also has the right to request the deletion of his or her data from the register. A written request for deletion must be sent to the person responsible for registry matters.